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Anxiety Depression PTSD OCD Goals CoralGables Miami


Even though anxiety is a normal human emotion. Sometimes people feel highly anxious or nervous and this causes such distress that interferes with a person’s ability to function. They may experience problems at work, difficulties taking a test or making an important decision. When worry and fear are constant,  overwhelming, they can be crippling.

A person can be anxious about a specific experience or about being in a social situation. Others experience anxiety when leaving their homes or as a response to general stress and tension toward aspects of life. Many have been able to feel well again. You can get a hold of your anxiety too.

Anxiety Depression PTSD OCD Goals CoralGables Miami


Trauma is the unique individual experience of an event or persistent negative conditions that overwhelms the individual’s ability to integrate his /her emotions and thoughts. When a person experiences trauma, the person is having a subjective threat to life, bodily integrity or sanity.

Trauma can be caused by one-time event such as a horrible accident, a natural disaster or a violent attack. Trauma can also stem from ongoing relentless stress, such as living in a crime-ridden neighborhood, struggling with cancer, an abusive childhood or relationship.

Once trauma is resolved you will be able to experience the present moment without pain and to respond appropriately.

Ansiedad Depresion PTSD OCD Metas Kendall Miami

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Also known as PTSD, is a common consequence from life threatening experiences such as fighting in a war. Veterans are not the only ones who can experience PTSD; children or adolescents who come from homes with one addicted or alcoholic member of the family and where anger is expressed without control; PTSD is also found on children who experienced sexual abuse or in persons who have been in a stressful situation for a long period of time.

When diagnosed with PTSD you are re-experiencing the stressful experience or event. I can assist you in reducing these symptoms.

Anxiety Depression PTSD OCD Goals CoralGables Miami


Extreme sadness, lack of motivation, difficulties sleeping, feeling of helpless and hopelessness are some of the symptoms of depression. These feeling keep you away from finding solutions and going beyond your present situation.

I have proven tools to assist you in gaining your life back and resolving the issues at hand. We will care for your mind, your body, process unresolved feelings and create new habits.

Ansiedad Depresion PTSD OCD Metas Kendall Miami

Phobias, Obsessions and Compulsions

Phobias and obsessions are irrational ways that our minds use to manage stressful situations. When we do not have the appropriate understanding, support and coping skills to manage stress, we experience extreme fears which force us to avoid situations;

Obsessions are repetitive thoughts, while compulsions are repetitive actions that we feel little or no control over.

Often, we feel uncontrollable anxiety when we attempt to stop these thoughts. But you are not trapped; there is a solution and a way out.

Anxiety Depression PTSD OCD Goals CoralGables Miami

Breaking Life Patterns

When we are born, we internalize the way our families and our cultures understand and manage the world. As we grow, we develop un understanding about who we are (inner self) and learn the roles and rules we need to survive in our families and societies (public self).

Some of us belong to a family that has an unhealthy family system. We all learn from our families: As adults, we repeat what we saw and heard when younger. It is reflected in the way we explain the world, our relations, and the choices we make. The only way to change it is to understand what we learned and to find the alternative choices. I can help you do both.

Ansiedad Depresion PTSD OCD Metas Kendall Miami

Life Goals

Goals are often used when we officially transition from adolescence to adulthood or any other milestone in our lives. They are also used in business to keep clear direction and clarify required actions.

Goals help in other areas of our lives. Clear goals in family, relations, school, employment, finances, health, retirement, etc. Goals keep us focused, motivated and informed about choices and consequences. Most importantly, goals allow us to prioritize our actions so we can move in a consistent direction relevant to what is important to us.

Anxiety Depression PTSD OCD Goals CoralGables Miami

Personal Development

We are constantly striving toward improving the quality of our lives. The area of relations is one where we can experience significant improvements. We can better the quality of the relationship with ourselves, our love ones and the people in our workplace.

Personal Development requires that we make changes: learning how we manage relations, identifying our needs, setting boundaries, asking for what we need. We must also focus on ways of expressing anger and frustration, setting goals and taking care of ourselves and others.

People in healthy relations enjoy themselves more, find peace, struggle less with others and have lasting relationships.

Ansiedad Depresion PTSD OCD Metas Kendall Miami

Self Esteem and Awareness

Clients empowered with coping skills, self-esteem, and self-awareness has the necessary tools to facilitate positive change and to make the desired changes.

Self-awareness allows us to gain a greater understanding about what we think, feel and do; It inform us what is and what is not working and what needs to change. To become self-aware is to develop an internal center that provides inner control and the ability to see and make new choices. This is possible to experience.

Anxiety Depression PTSD OCD Goals CoralGables Miami

Anxiety Depression PTSD OCD Goals CoralGables Miami

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