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Time to Meditate: Morning hours

Meditate daily: in the early and late hours of the day.

Choosing a time to meditate daily also programs your mind and body to focus on the breath when it is time to do so.

              Meditating right before you start the day, will jumpstart                     your mind and body.

X 5 Mente con muchas palomas

If it is difficult to stop thinking about what you must do during the day, do a list or write in your calendar all your activities for the day.

Your mind will know that you have already began to take care of that task and you can now relax and let it go.

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A Place to Meditate

Becoming mindful is challenging.

It requires commitment, discipline and practice.

 X 4 Sitting Meditation

To help you develop a daily practice, you may choose a corner or place to meditate always.

Your body in mind will know that you are ready to meditate when you are in this place.

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