Coaching Weight Coral Gables Kendall Miami Florida

Weight Loss

I found that the most effective way for us to find our ideal weight is a holistic approach. This includes a medical evaluation of our health, realistic goals; informed choices of food, a schedule for eating, food portion and, yes exercise.

In additions to using tools to monitor what we are doing and adopting partners, we will use the practice of mindful eating.

If interested, call. I am available to go to your home to assist  groups from 5 to 8 people.

Coaching Weight Coral Gables Kendall Miami Florida

Parenting Skills

As a certified parenting trainer, I love to empower parents with material from Nurturing Parenting Program, Positive Discipline as well as Peace Education Foundation. You will enhance your knowledge of Developmental Psychology. I will demonstrate how to balance punishment and rewards. Most of all, you will began to see your child as this small being that is forming in front of your eyes every day; he needs your help to grow healthy and with no unhealthy attachments

Comunicacion Separacion Dependencia Divorcio Paternidad Kendall Miami Communicaciones Dificiles El comunicar sus ideas, pensamientos y deseos es un arte que solo pocos de nosotros aprendemos. Muchos venimos de hogares donde la comunicación consistió en gritar, exigir, enojarse o el tratamiento silencioso. Eventualmente, estos se convierten en nuestra forma de comunicación y cuando se intensifica es lo que se conoce como chantaje emocional. Cuando crecíamos, pocos hemos tenido la experiencia de ser escuchados, de dar nuestras opiniones o hacer preguntas. Como adultos tenemos la oportunidad de encontrar nuestra voz; Una voz que reduce los conflictos y mejora de la armonía. Tengo el conocimiento y la experiencia para ayudarle mejorar la comunicación en su vida. Communication Dependence Separation Divorce Parenting CoralGables Miami

Working and Living as a Foreign National

Training is designed to facilitate the adjustment of foreign assignees and spouses. Course focuses on such needs and concerns as cultural adaptation, education, family life and community support. Participants will also learn about the American corporate environment, its cultural values, effective meeting participation and networking.


Coaching Coral Gables Kendall Miami Florida

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