Couples and Families

Communication Dependence Separation Divorce Parenting CoralGables Miami

Communications Difficulties

Communicating your ideas, thoughts and desires is an art that only few of us have mastered. Many of us came from homes where communication included: screaming, demanding, getting angry or giving silent treatment. These methods become our way of communication that later become what is known as emotional blackmail. Few of us have experienced of being heard, being able to give our opinions or ask questions. As adults, we benefit from learning how to find our voice; a new voice does not escalates conflicts and improves harmony. I have the knowledge and experience to show you how to improve communication in your life.

Communication Dependence Separation Divorce Parenting CoralGables Miami

From Dependence to Interdependence

The goal of growing up is to go from dependence from our parents, to the type of independence that includes others in our lives: it is called interdependence. We can depend from others emotionally, financially even in our in understanding about whom we are. As we grow up, it is often painful and confusing to remain dependent. To become independent means: “because I love you I will grow and let you grow. I am going to learn how to let go”

Families are happier, healthier and have more possibilities of finding their own happy paths with interdependence. I understand dependence and I can help you and your love ones grow.

Comunicacion Separacion Dependencia Divorcio Paternidad Kendall Miami

Separation and Divorce

Couples are facing difficult changes when they realize their relationship have changed and it may be over. Some couples realize that relationship after relationship, they are caught in a pattern of behavior and want to change. Others blame the relationship or their partner for their difficulties. Often, children are also caught in the middle of this unwanted chaos. I can assist you in becoming aware of your life patterns, managing the transition while keeping your children in mind. Also, you will discover additional options for you as you face this difficult change.

Communication Dependence Separation Divorce Parenting CoralGables Miami

Alcohol and Drug addiction

Addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking and people are often inherited and inappropriate responses to pain and stress in life. If you are a parent and your child shows some unwanted behaviors, you have access to numerous services to assist your child. If the addict is an adult, your power over them diminishes and your responsibility to yourself and your family increases. This is often a difficult concept to grasp, but an essential one. Once an adult, the power to change lies only inside the person. If you have a family member with an addiction, he is affecting you and your family. I can assist you in understanding how and the steps to change the dynamic in your family.

Comunicacion Separacion Dependencia Divorcio Paternidad Kendall Miami

Parenting your children

If children came with a personal manual about how to raise them, all psychologists would be without a job. But we have plenty of work. All parents benefit from learning about the psychological and emotional development and about the needs of their children every year of their lives. Many can also use alternative strategies to the parenting style of their parents. We tent to repeat what our parents did to us; but we live in a different world and screaming, insulting, hitting and frequent punishment often results in driving your children angry and away from parents. I am a certified parenting trainer. I can assist you in understanding what works and how to obtain the results you want.


Healthier family relations

According to John Bradshaw in his book “The Family” a healthy family is not like the postcards, everyone smiling and everything nit. In a healthy family, people feel what they feel, and are able to say what they feel; they think what they think and make choices that reflect who they are, not what others want from them.”

We are often caught in unhealthy relationships, begging for validation from others or love ones, managing differences and disappointments with anger, depending from others to feel loved and make decisions.

But transforming relationship into healthier interaction is possible. I have witness committed individuals transform their lives and find peace of mind by changing themselves. You can do it too.

Comunicacion Separacion Dependencia Divorcio Paternidad Kendall Miami

Communication Dependence Separation Divorce Parenting CoralGables Miami

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