Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution CoralGables Kendall Miami Florida

Skills for an Effective Workplace - Managing Conflict

Misunderstandings, poor communication skills and differences in interests often lead to unnecessary tension among employees. Conflict can be managed in various ways: by gaining insight about  the office structure, understanding lines of power, finding clear ways of asking for what is needed, having healthy boundaries, understanding rules, accepting the limits and possibilities and finding partnerships. Conflict can be manage also through strategies that deescalate the conflict before it becomes highly stressful and unmanageable for all.

Through case studies and role plays, participants will develop effective conflict resolution strategies and problem-solving skills.

Conflict Resolution CoralGables Kendall Miami Florida

Getting to Yes

Participants obtain skills required to negotiate successfully, reach satisfying agreements and enhance ongoing relationships with the other negotiating party. The key to create solutions that are inclusive of all issues result from managing the positions and real needs of both parties.

Participants learn to apply different negotiating techniques that enable them to pursue their interests without getting into futile confrontations or giving in.

Program is based on the book “Getting to Yes” written by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton

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Conflict Resolution CoralGables Kendall Miami Florida

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