Corporate and Intercultural Programs

Corporate Intercultural Supervisor Cultures CoralGables Kendall Miami

Corporate Intercultural Supervisor Cultures CoralGables Kendall Miami

To ensure that our consulting services and training programs offer our clients the most comprehensive and up to date knowledge and techniques, we focus our services in key areas.

These programs will be customized or combined to meet our client’s specific needs. All programs are offered in English and Spanish

Managing Across Cultures

This program is designed for anyone who works with or supervises people from different cultures. Participants learn how cultural distinctions impact the way people approach relationships in the workplace, manage time and deadlines, exchange information and solve problems. The course discusses management styles and organizational strategies that enable managers to respond to needs and opportunities created by cultural differences.


Building Productive Intercultural Teams

Participants develop strategies that enhance intercultural team performance while reducing tensions that may result from cultural misunderstandings. Topics examined include: commonalities and differences in cultural experiences, the impact of perceptions on professional judgment and the influence of cultural diversity on performance.

Corporate Intercultural Supervisor Cultures CoralGables Kendall Miami

The Art of Supervising

Supervisors will learn techniques and skills to better supervise and direct their employees while reducing conflicts, creating a learning environment and establishing a long-term relationship based on respect and courtesy. Positive communication and appreciation will create a service environment that will reduce employee turnover and attract and retain clients.


Corporate Intercultural Supervisor Cultures CoralGables Kendall Miami

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