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Counselor Psychologist Cigna Tricare United CoralGables Miami

Margarita Borda LMHC is a bilingual Spanish-English Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who offers psychological services to English and Spanish speakers. Since 1982 she has provided counseling services in Wisconsin, California and Florida in a variety of settings, including universities, community organizations, drug and alcohol rehab programs and clinical programs serving the department of Children and Family.  She has also provided training to supervisors in conflict management and reductions, work environment improvement and intercultural relations and adaptation.

Presently, she provides therapy and coaching services for adults and families. She is also a certified a Nurturing Parenting Trainer and Conflict Resolution Coach, and has first level EMDR certification

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Consejero Psicologo Cigna Tricare United Kendall Miami

Individual Therapy

Experience in helping individuals making life changes when dealing with Anxiety, depression …

Trauma Therapy – EMDR

Psychological trauma is damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event …

Counselor Psychologist Cigna Tricare United CoralGables Miami

Couples and Families

Provide assistance for individuals or couples in the areas of Communication Difficulties…

Consejero Psicologo Cigna Tricare United Kendall Miami

Therapeutic Groups

I offer workshops in Mindfulness for Stress Management, Mindful Eating, Relationships In the Workplace and  …

Counselor Psychologist Cigna Tricare United CoralGables Miami


Coaching is different than therapy because it focuses on the actions needed to be taken in …

Consejero Psicologo Cigna Tricare United Kendall Miami

Corporate and Intercultural Programs

We focus on key areas to ensure that we offer services and effective and relevant training…

Counselor Psychologist Cigna Tricare United BayCare CoralGables Miami

Conflict Resolution

I am an Alumni of The McGregor School of Antioch University – Conflict Resolution Program and a frequent student of the Institute of Intercultural Communication – Portland, OR. I have rich resources, practices and skills I share with individuals or groups

Pet Emotional Support

Do you feel that having a pet will alleviate your anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress or any other condition and will improve your live? You can benefit from having a pet for emotional support at home.

Community Support

I believe it is important to support others and give back by participating in three activities: Work with local organizations sharing knowledge, support 2 organizations in Colombia through donations of goods, and promote the creation of work through the world of Finca and Women to Women do.


I hired Margarita after knowing her personally and professionally for a couple of years. She is very smart. I have used business coaches in the past. I have been to therapists over my lifetime. I am 56 years old. I am a successful businessman; yet, I was hitting ceilings in my practice, time and time again. She went to the heart of the matter very quickly. She formed an enduring awareness in me, so I am now a more highly functioning person both privately and professionally. I have referred her to others with confidence. She gets the job done!

Steven Arch, Financial advisor, 2012


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Counselor Psychologist Cigna Tricare United BayCare CoralGables Miami

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