How to Breathe Mindfully

X 1 In pause out again

How to Breathe Mindfully

 X 1 In pause out againBreathing is a key tool to achieve mindfulness;

When you become aware of your breath, you bring your attention to it and away from thoughts of past experiences or future fears.

NOW is all there is along with your awareness of your breath. Nothing else.

Your mind rests, your body rests also.

The archaic meaning of breath is LIFE. Some synonyms are Spirit, Animation, and Vital Force.

Slowly breathe in and out and pause few seconds between inhalation and exhalation.

If you are a visual person, it may help you to assign a color to the air that you inhale and assign a different color to the air that you exhale.

Do this once a day for 10 minutes to begin the practice.

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