Sleep and Mindfulnes Meditation

Camino de agua

Sleep and Mindfulnes Meditation

So you are having problem sleeping? Would you believe that meditation would improve your sleep?

Sleep and meditation complement each other. When you sleep well, it helps meditate better. Meditation enhances the sleeping experience in more than one way: During meditation, serotonin levels go up. Low serotonin is ling to insomnia and depression.

Camino de aguaSleep is characterized by Delta waves. During sleep our bodies relaxed and the minds switched to auto pilot’. This restful stage is required to restore damage cells and tissue.


Meditation produces Delta waves in the frontal area highlighting deep relaxation. Alpha waves appear on the posterior part of the brain and signify wakeful rest. There is hardly any Delta wave during meditation. So you might feel refreshed after a period of meditation, but it is not a substitute for sleep.

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