I hired Margarita after knowing her personally and professionally for a couple of years. She is very smart. I have used business coaches in the past. I have been to therapists over my lifetime. I am 56 years old. I am a successful businessman; yet, I was hitting ceilings in my practice, time and time again. She went to the heart of the matter very quickly. She formed an enduring awareness in me, so I am now a more highly functioning person both privately and professionally. I have referred her to others with confidence. She gets the job done!

Steven Arch, Financial advisor, 2012


“I had the pleasure of working with Margarita Borda during my time at Ricoh Latin America. Although that was more than two years ago, we have remained in contact and I am always looking for ways in which to engage her professionally. Margarita completed organization cultural assessments and debriefs with our top leaders including the President of Ricoh Latin America and the executive team. We held a series of workshops for our top leaders and key personnel in the corporate office. I was impressed with Margarita’s professionalism and the quality of her work. She is an excellent facilitator – able to engage participants and ensure a positive learning experience. Her subject matter expertise is broad and she brings a multi-cultural perspective that is both rare and invaluable, especially when dealing with those from Latin American countries. My experience with Margarita was such that if I had the opportunity to hire again, I will not hesitate to reach out to her. I readily recommend her and will be happy to discuss my experiences with her.”

Olga N. Torres, Director of Human Resources, Energy International, Inc. March 29, 2012


Jerry and John, I am pleased to report that the training program was a huge success again this year. Management was very pleased with the results. Since last year’s training, they have observed tangible improvements with the performance of the supervisors. They attribute this to the increased communication between themselves and the supervisors, and the supervisors and their subordinates. As I have mentioned, they want to explore expanding the program for next year and want to move the program to late March, right after the end of the grinding season.

Once again, Margarita did a fantastic job. She has a real talent for connecting with the audience – a real accomplishment considering this particular audience. who was very set in their ways. It was very personally gratifying to hear them say that they embraced the suggestions we provided last year and achieved improved results.

I had a great time and look forward to the opportunity to do it again next year!

Rene F. Ruiz, Ford & Harrison LLP


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