Margarita Borda, LMHC

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Margarita Borda LMHC is a bilingual Spanish-English Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who offers psychological services to English and Spanish speakers. Since 1982 she has provided counseling services in Wisconsin, California and Florida in a variety of settings, including universities, community organizations, drug and alcohol rehab programs and clinical programs serving the department of Children and Family.  She has also provided training to supervisors in conflict management and reductions, work environment improvement and intercultural relations and adaptation.

Presently, she provides therapy and coaching services for adults and families. She is also a certified a Nurturing Parenting Trainer and Conflict Resolution Coach, and has first level EMDR certification

We seek therapy for many reasons. We often go through difficult life circumstances that cause emotional pain or perhaps a feeling of being stuck and we need to feel better. We all want to feel whole, happy, and have a life that is emotionally balanced and fulfilling. If you find yourself not getting what you want out of work, relationships, family or personal growth, therapy is an effective route to improve your quality of life.  I have experience getting you to the place where you want to be.

Therapy should not last a lifetime. Often, we address issues outside our awareness that interfere with our ability to succeed in life. We address them during therapy. Then, we focus in building your ability to address life with a healthier approach.  I am here to help foster a trusting and collaborative relationship in which you can feel safe to explore your thoughts, feelings, and life struggles. I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge acquired through my practice, teaching at various universities and numerous trainings including intercultural knowledge.

As an Interculturalist, I have the skills to manage multiple perspectives in international and intercultural settings, and to assist in managing change.

Therapist Psychologist Cigna Tricare United CoralGables Miami
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Therapist Psychologist Cigna Tricare United CoralGables Miami

Therapist Psychologist EAP Fedex Cigna Aetna CoralGables Miami

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