Workshop Mindful Eating

Workshop Mindful Eating CoralGables Kendall Miami

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This is an eight week program that helps you train your focus on attention from impulsive eating to consciously making choices about what and when you eat. In the process you will gain insight about emotional eating, breaking old habits and you will make healthier choices about what you eat. Every week you will have more insight about the what, when, where and how of your own eating habits. As a result, you will gain health and reduce your weight.

Research is available demonstrating the positive consequences in your health and weight when you become mindful about the food you bring to your body. Your relationship with your body improves and your habits will change in a meaningful manner.

Corporate Program is also available

Are you having difficulties keeping your New Year’s Resolution:

To become healthier and lose weight?

You are not alone!


Give me a call 305 898-6607

Mindful Eating

Am I hungry?

Do I feel fatigue,
bloating, irritability
mood swings,
low energy?

Workshop Mindful Eating CoralGables Kendall Miami

8-Week Course

Day and Night Groups

Am I happy?

Do I have
skin problems,
food cravings,
body fat?

Mindfulness the potential to transform our eating:

Mindfulness reduces stress
Mindfulness heals the “mind/body split”
Helps you appreciate food more, so you eat less
Reverses the emotional eating habit
Increases your motivation to exercise
Disrupts a mindless relationship to the media
Reveals that “quick fix” dieting is counterproductive.

Research results suggest that mindfulness meditation
effectively decreases binge eating and emotional eating
These are factors in weight gain and lose of health.

Workshop Mindful Eating CoralGables Kendall Miami

This 8 week course will begin on Wednesday February 11 at 7 pm.

Please call for more information


Workshop Mindful Eating CoralGables Kendall Miami

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