Workshop Mindful Stress Management

Workshop Mindful Stress Management CoralGables Miami

Workshop Mindful Stress Management CoralGables Miami

This is an eight week program that helps you train your focus on attention from your breathing and thoughts to your actions and decisions. In the process you will gain insight about the patterns that no longer serve you and you will make new choices about responding to live stressors without tension and anxiety.

A research program in Harvard demonstrated significant changes in people’s brain and behaviors after the completed the 8 week program. You will experience the benefits both in your private life and the work place. Research on its effectiveness is available.

Corporate program is also available.

Mindful Stress Management

8 Week-Course
Margarita Borda, LMHC
emailMargaritaNight Group 7 to 8 pm
LOCATION: Palermo Suites, 260 Palermo, Coral Gables 33146

Each weekly 1-hour class will consist of:
Meditations combined with discussion

Week 1 / Introduction to Meditation / Meditation

Week 2 /Stress and your Mind / Meditation

Week 3 / The Role of Ego / Meditation

Week 4 / Act Versus React / Meditation

Week 5 / Getting in Touch with Emotional pain and strategies / Meditation

Week 6 / Forgiveness / Meditation

Week 7 / Acceptance/ Non- Resistance / Meditation

Week 8 / Wrap-up Summary: Silent Retreat / Meditation


 An 8-week mindfulness medication program done in Harvard University found measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. Other benefits: Reduction in levels of anxiety, depression and stress, greater brain function, improve ability to focus, improve perception and memory, development of intelligence as well as will power, lower blood pressure, decrease cigarette, alcohol and drug abuse, improve relations at work, increase productivity.

All natural, no negative side effects, just peace, love, joy and equanimity!!


Group Limit 5 people

Begins January 11, 2016

 Cost $200 dollars for 8 sessions

To Register please go to Contact Us – Workshops in Miami

Or call (305) 898 6607


Workshop Mindful Stress Management CoralGables Miami

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