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Workshop Relationship Group Workplace CoralGables Miami

Workshop Relationship Group Workplace CoralGables MiamiDo you wake up every morning wishing you had a different job?

Are you afraid your boss may fire you any moment?

Are you tired of the constant conflict with a coworker?

Is the stress from work affecting your health?


Our program’s objective is to empower each person in the work place so they create a more positive work environment that encourages communication and supports the process of dealing with differences before they become a conflict. It addresses communication skills, increases the knowledge of motivation, and it supports intercultural relations and conflict resolution for supervisors and employees

Work Relations

Difficult Relations with my Boss

De-escalating Conflicts

Intercultural Environments Model

Time Concept in Different Cultures

Relations in Different Cultures


Corporate program is also available

Workshop Relationship Group Workplace CoralGables Miami

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