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Workshop Mindful Stress Management

This 8-week mindfulness medication program based on Harvard University 8 week study, helps you gain more insights about your thinking, your feelings and your actions while you incorporate meditation in your daily life.

Workshop Mindful Eating

Are you aware about what you do to your body and health when you have questionable eating habits? In an effortless manner, Mindful Eating provides the insight and the motivation that you need for healthier habits.

Workshop The Relationship Group – Workplace

Having good work relations is a skill often taken for granted, until you need them. If your favorite boss was replaced, o have no compatibility with a coworker, you can benefit from smart people skills.

Workshop The Relationship Group – Change and Loss

Life unpredictable changes have the power to make us loose our balance, joy for life and ability to cope. Help is available, choose to increase your ability to cope.

Workshop Managing Across Cultures

Workshop Managing Across Cultures CoralGables Kendall Miami To manage cultures effectively we must be familiars with aspect of cultures that go beyond hearing the language, eating other culture foods or participating in their parties. Profound aspects of cultures such as the understanding of time, relations, power, authority, space, and other dimensions that interfere with communication …

Workshop The Art of Supervising

WorkShop Art Supervising CoralGables Kendall Miami At work, often the most effective worker is given a raise and offered the job of supervisor. Unfortunately, supervising is an art, and not all skilled people have the ability to manage others. The art of supervising has three mayor components: Communication, Conflict resolution and intercultural road blocks. It …

Workshop Getting to Yes

Workshop Getting Yes CoralGables Kendall Miami Since its original publication nearly thirty years ago by Roger Fisher and William Ury, Getting to Yes has helped millions of people learn a better way to negotiate. One of the primary business texts of the modern era, it is based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project, …

Workshops Couples Families Coaching Corporate Conflict Miami

X 8 Triangulo redirect attention to the breath

Mindfulness: Focus on the Breath

Mindfulness meditation is a process of self regulation of your attention.  Begin with your breath. If your attention goes …

Meditating with Music

Music during meditation helps some of us to stay focus. There are a great variety of sounds that can assist us in staying …

Time to Meditate: Evening Hours

Meditate at the end of the day. Before you focus on your breath, you make a list of what you are grateful for the day. All …