Pet Emotional Support

Pet Emotional Support Animals Dogs Cats CoralGables

Pet Emotional Support, Animals Dogs Cats in CoralGables

Do you feel that having a pet will alleviate your anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress or any other condition and will improve your live? You can benefit from having a pet for emotional support at home.

According with the Fair Housing amendment Act, landlords and property managers are required to allow emotional support animals in housing, even when they normally do not allow pets. Your ability to have a pet for emotional support is established when a train professional, such as a Mental Health Counselor states in a letter that the tenant will benefit from having an emotional support animal as part of his or her treatment.

The letter requires an initial evaluation and a clarification of an overall plan to manage the distress. The plan will include the emotional support of a pet. I will generate the letter as a result of the initial evaluation if it supports the needs of the person. The document may have an expiration date or no expiration date.

Having a pet as emotional support therapy is also reinforced by the Air Carrier Access Act; You can present this document at airports so you can travel with your pet.

I provide the evaluation and have the authority to recommend your pet as emotional support.

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Pet Emotional Support Animals Dogs Cats CoralGables

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