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Sleep and Mindfulnes Meditation

So you are having problem sleeping? Would you believe that meditation would improve your sleep?

Sleep and meditation complement each other. When you sleep well, it helps meditate better. Meditation enhances the sleeping experience in more than one way: During meditation, serotonin levels go up. Low serotonin is ling to insomnia and depression. Read more

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The Benefits of Mindfulness

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Once you have become Mindful, you are able to increase moment to moment awareness about your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, you will manage better your perception, reactions and feelings and acquire the capacity to become less disturbed by negative events and less reactive to unpleasant experiences. Read more

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Mindfulness: Focus on the Breath

Mindfulness meditation is a process of self regulation of your attention.  Begin with your breath. If your attention goes …

Meditating with Music

Music during meditation helps some of us to stay focus. There are a great variety of sounds that can assist us in staying …

Time to Meditate: Evening Hours

Meditate at the end of the day. Before you focus on your breath, you make a list of what you are grateful for the day. All …